Late Summer Sunset

Late Summer Sunset

Where I live, it’s starting to feel like the final days of Summer. While it still tries to hang on for dear life during the day, it can’t help the inevitable fight with Autumn. We all know how this one ends! The days get shorter, and the nights get cooler. On one hand it kinda sucks. I love the carefree days of summer. Everyone is more relaxed and sociable. there’s always something to do, places to go, and people to see. Damnit! But on the other, Autumn really is my favourite time of year for several reasons. Every year I get to fall in love again with the changing colours of the foliage, and with shorter days means cooler nights (yay, I can sleep). This means that I get to break out the comfy sweaters again and layer up. But not yet… oh no, not yet. While Summer and Autum duke it out; my internal struggle says to hold on to Summer with tenacity too.  I’m not giving up as easily as those damn geese. They can piss off to California or Mexico for all I care (now one is going to shit on me for sure, lol). I’m going to enjoy the changing of the seasons thank you very much.

Well this has been longwinded…onto what I’m wearing:

Shirt:: Tulip. Cropped Tube Top . Sunny *Vintage Fair*
Pants:: Boom Miami Linens . fennel seed *New*
Bag:: Celoe Sack Bag .river
Earrings/necklace:: Lagyo Ludovica Earrings and Double Ring
Belly Ring::  Earthstones Sophia Belly Ring . Labradorite *Collabor88*
Hair:: Lelutka Swish:: dark brunettes
Nails:: Izzie’s French Nails
Pose:: Label Motion

Spread the peace & spread the love,


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