A Day in the Life of an SL Cat

Hi, my name is Cosmo and I’ve taken over Zayra’s blog for a day. That clothes whore is probably off shopping or doing something totally disgraceful as that’s what humans do. Life as a Second Life cat is not much different from a cat in the real world, except much more superior. Didn’t think that was possible did you? Well, I can’t speak for other cats but this one sure is. I can use a computer and speak the English language.. duh!

So why don’t you follow me for a day and see what I get up to on an average SL day.

Sit & Shit

What are you looking at? Listen, I start my day with a shit and sit… don’t you? This is where I plan out my day. LOL, the kids are going to freak out when they come out to play during recess and find a surprise buried in the sand. Love it!

Dumb & Dumber

What a bunch of idiots. I call them Dumb and Dumber. I would scrap with them, but look at what they are eating. Dumb dog trying to intimidate me, lol.. I told him he was eating a rat that’s probably diseased. I growled at the ‘tard and he backed off. Dumber couldn’t even be bothered, pfft!

Where is Chang?

Damn… this shit economy got to Chang too. This guy was the nicest human ever. He used to always put food out for me and even let me sometimes sleep in his store at night. Where the hell am I going to get food now?

Disgraceful Humans

So I wandered around the city looking for food. Humans are disgusting. With all their processed food and littering up the place with their garbage. I have to admit, the boxes of Filet-O-Fish do tempt me. But I too have to realize my limitations. Opening the box wouldn’t be possible. They could have at least had an open box for me to crawl in and have a nap later. Jerks!


Eureka! This is the only way to go. Mmmm. Catch o the day.. forget that frozen processed crap.  This is what separates the sl cats from rl cats.. we’re not afraid of water and aren’t pathetic to wait on our human servants to feed us. We go out and get er done.

The Game

Now that food’s been taken care of, don’t mind if I do take in a little late afternoon TV. Nothing like cheering on my favourite hockey team. Go Canucks Go! What can I say, I’m a Canadian cat.

Peaceful Moments in the Setting Sun

And last but not least… a little nap on the dock in the setting sun. All in a days work. Prior to this, I was cleaning myself.. but didn’t think an image of that would have been good for public consumption.

Well that’s it for this day.. fairly ordinary. I highly suggest you stay tuned into this blog for crazier antics in the future. This fearless cat has plans to expose the darker side of human behaviour in Second Life. My cat senses are also telling me, that Zay’s almost done shopping and will have to, HAVE TO show you what she bought.. *rolls my eyes*

Hasta la Vista,


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