Lay off the Donuts…

Lay off the Donuts... by zayra ametza
Lay off the Donuts…, a photo by zayra ametza on Flickr.

or I’ll have to go up a mesh size; OMG NO.. I don’t know if this is a common thought when trying on mesh demos, but I think it’s a little twisted that even in a virtual world I get a little excited to see that my avi can fit into the smaller sizes. What’s up with that?

My rl and some sl friends squawk that Zayra looks too skinny and malnourished. I think she looks alright; and because I have been told this a few times, I have made a more shapely shape. Mostly to wear with lingerie or swimwear.

Our first life is hard enough on women to be perfect in all the right places, that it’s kind of a shame that in a virtual world where we can be whoever we want to be are still being hard on ourselves.

I love the clothes in sl and have so much fun dressing up, but since the advent of mesh.. I sometimes say, “to hell with it” and change into my smoking cat avatar. It’s actually more liberating being an animal anyway, and people tell you how cute your are.

Maybe I’m alone in the matter but these are my thoughts. Happy shopping and squeezing into that size S mesh skirt. 🙂

hugs & kisses,

Shirt:: Mon Tissu Gathered Frills Blouse . brown
Skirt:: Leezu Nuage MESH Skirt . pastel dots
Necklace:: Lagyo Eva maxi boules necklace . marble
Ring:: Yummy Crystal Cluster Ring . smokey quartz
Hair: Wasabi Pills Kumi Mesh Hair . Chocolate
Skin:: Belleza Melissa SK
Eyes:: Poetic Colors . wet moss
Nails:: Izzie’s French Nails
Donut: EPOCH CAFE Chocolate Icing Donut


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