lOoK oF the dAy!

lOoK oF the dAy! by zayra ametza
lOoK oF the dAy!, a photo by zayra ametza on Flickr.

Cold Logic released some cute mesh tops and dresses yesterday; and quite honestly the hardest part about this top was not whether to buy or not to buy, but which colour. I opted for the soft peach, but it is also available in a soft sagey green and cream.

This outfit makes me scream for some decent rl weather.. just warm and dry enough to leave the house without a jacket and perhaps a pair of sandals.

Top:: Cold Logic top castillo peach
Jeans:: tb juju jeans dark rinse
Shoes:: Maitreya Gold *yaXkin cocoa
Handbag:: Maitreya mesh leather satchel *lion
Hair:: [e] Quirky Bracelet:: Earth Stones mosaic cuff – shades of amber
Necklace:: Uzuri – circle of life
Ring:: P.C. golden cups ring
Flower in hair:: Je Suis hibiscus


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