Newish Stuff that Deserves A Nod!

So.. I’m a very slow blogger and have had these clothes for what seems like ages. But I at least wanted to at blog these things before the fantastic designers bring out new stuff. Ahem! There are already new boots out at Maitreya today. LOL. So I’ll probably go buy those, then blog them in a months time. In all honesty, I’ve been busy building when on SL and RL is keeping me occupado these days.

I really do love the new mesh stuff but I think I may be alone in disliking the viewers capable of viewing it. I’m soooo stuck on Phoenix and can’t seem to migrate to Firestorm or any of the others. I try and try.. but get so frustrated with it all. Maybe I will at least give the mesh capable Phoenix a try; although I heard it’s unstable. LOL, what is stable in second life. But that’s another complaint best save until another time.


Leaugue Suede Wrap Dress


Maitreya Mesh


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